Talks and presentations

Measurement Reliability and Validity of Mapping Individual Differences in Human Brain with MRI: From CoRR to 3R-BRAIN

October 28, 2019

Talk (60mins), The International Workshop for Advanced High-field MRI Techniques on Human Participants: 7T Ultra-High Field MRI Scanner and Repeated fMRI Measurement, Shanghai, China

In this talk, I will introduce a new statistical framework on reliability and validity of measuring the individual differences. Within this framework, the relationship among reliability, effect size, sample size was simulated under a given statistical power.

Toward Pediatric Standards – Brain Templates and Growth Charts

September 27, 2019

Talk (35mins), International Pediatric Neuro MRI – Structure, Function and Outcome, Xi'an, China

This talk will present the work generating age-normed brain templates for children and adolescents at one-year intervals and the corresponding growth charts. Age- and ethnicity-specific brain templates facilitate establishing unbiased pediatric brain growth charts, indicating the necessity of the brain charts and brain templates generated in tandem.

Large Sample Size Alone May Not Save The Day - Reliability Matters and Cohort Studies Care

March 01, 2019

Talk (60mins), NYU Shanghai & East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Neuroscientists are working to rapidly amass the large-scale sample sizes needed to meaningfully study individual differences and support reproducible biomarker discovery (e.g., big cohorts). Although promising, the measurement reliability of individual samples is often suboptimal, thereby requiring unnecessarily large sample sizes to achieve the same goals. Functional neuroimaging provides an example, as recent works suggest that data acquisitions may need to be made longer to achieve desired levels of reliability. The implications of the present talk extend to the broader life sciences. Visit the seminar website for more details.

Developmental Population Neuroscience

November 03, 2018

Talk (50mins), The 21st National Academic Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China

This gives birth of a new field, namely Developmental Population Neuroscience (DPN), which will be introduced by the present keynote. The speaker will survey and foresee DPN progresses by presenting the most established and recognized scientific findings during the past two decades as well as connecting it with the national brain project.